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Vale - Our Friends

Ruby - Warree Bearsford Red

Ruby gone too soon - remembered in our hearts forever! We say the same thing about them, all of us...she was the best dog! To us, she, just like the others is special.  She was such an amazing friend to our son Adam and to see the two of them driving around the paddock in his beat up old Daihatsu with Ruby in the front seat beside him looking out the window...sometimes with her arm on the window sill, still brings a smile to our faces as we remember her.  Taken WAY too soon!!

Lala - Bojharni Vampira

Some dogs just melt your heart!  Lala was one of those girls, everybody she met wanted to take her home - and she would have gone every time! She loved being around you and just wanted to make sure you were as happy as she was!  She enjoyed playing with her pals here and loved all of them even if they didn't appreciate the attention that came with that love sometimes.  SO special - but it's been said before...aren't they all!

Angie - Russusrose Lady Jewels

Angie was our first girl!  She LOVED to talk to everyone - even if you didn't particularly want to hear it sometimes, but, she was only telling you how much she loved you!!  Angie decided she was the Grandmother to every baby at Bojharni and LOVED to 'check on them' and make sure they were okay.  Even at 11 she just loved playing with them!  She broke our hearts by overflowing them with love!

Griffin - Warree Flame Thrower

 Oh my boy...WHAT A DOG! Griffin thought he was just it and a bit...and of course to us he was!  He honestly thought everyone that came here came just to see him...most of the time it was true, especially when "Uncle Mark" would bring him a special visitor!  They all hold a special place in our hearts but my Griffin was, is, and always will be, "King of the Mountain" out here at Bojharni!  Griffin I have no words...except I love you. We have NEVER had a better dog!!!

Jeda - Warree Petite Peat

Jeda - Warree Petite Peat. Such a beautiful girl...so loving (and loved) she was also known as Mr Griffin and wouldn't take any s*#t from anyone but give her a person to pat her or even better, to cuddle her and she was in her element - even if it meant sitting at your feet just so you could stroke her with your foot, she was a happy happy girl.  Such a gentle beautiful soul.

Exciting News!

Doesn't everyone just love babies!!!!!!!!

We love babies here at Bojharni Staffords but now is not the right time so we'll just be having loads of fun here with our furry friends until probably mid/end 2021! Please stay safe and don't forget to play!