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Lily's Babies...

Staffroyale Flamin Lily (Lily) X Bojharni Flamin Legend (Ledge)

We have been blessed...we had a litter of 4 babies (3 Girls - 2 Red & 1 Black/Brindle & 1 Black/Brindle Boy, all sold so unfortunately we are unable to take enquiries but if you were to ever enquire about one of our babies please enquire via email at first and only if you are prepared to tell us a bit about yourselves and the life you can offer a baby...as you can imagine a LOT of time, effort, planning, anguish and love goes into each and every mating and just like you wouldn't let your loved ones go to just anyone...neither will we!!


These little darlings were born June 23rd and they have already gone to their new families September 2019.


Exciting News!

Doesn't everyone just love babies!!!!!!!!



Bojharni Staffords doesn't have any exciting baby news at the moment but we're always thinking and planning for the future!